Is this the scariest scene on TV ever?

Luther is back for a fifth series. Photo: BBC

Luther is back for a fifth series. Photo: BBC - Credit: BBC

Liz Nice reflects on a terrifying TV ordeal.

20 odd years ago, I was living in London, going home on the Tube, or bus, and yes, because I was young and enjoying myself, I would often fall asleep on public transport and end up in places I didn't expect.

After watching Luther on BBC1 last night, I am very glad that I am no longer living that life.

Watching that young woman sitting on the top deck of the night bus near the West Ham stadium, I actually had to cover my eyes, something I have never done while watching TV and certainly not while watching the BBC! Even as a child, Doctor Who left me cold. But this was the worst kind of terror. Looking around, thinking the bus was empty, while the creepy man with the mask starts crawling along the floor.

The actual killing was covered discreetly (as much as I could see through my fingers), but, just as Steven Spielberg taught us with Jaws all those years ago, it's the fear of what is going to happen that is so much more terrifying than the actual event.

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Roll on tonight's episode. Luther is the best!

Do you think this is TV's most terrifying scene? Or is there anything worse? Let me know at

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