Baroness Shirley Williams

Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds

> Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds

On the day that David Blunkett resigned again, it was timely for a politician of such high public standing as Baroness Shirley Williams to talk about him.

She spoke of him in a rounded way, suggesting he was probably a lonely man, perhaps because of his blindness. However, she said he should be thought of for his remarkable achievements, adding that he got in with the wrong crowd.

The first thing you notice about Lady Williams is she is very approachable, passionate in her honesty and beliefs, energetic and witty.

She gave her views on young people, education and the health service; in the second part, she listened intently to audience views on each subject and even diplomatically provoked them into deeper thoughts.

She did not think the media were particularly fair on society in general, focusing upon the negative aspects of youth and politicians' private lives - making it up if nothing scandalous could be found.

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Lady Williams clearly wanted to know what people thought. She will take away this phenomenal amount of information from last night, and do not be surprised if you hear these views on Question Time or some similar forum within the next few weeks

This is the type of genuine person Lady Williams is, leaving no stone unturned.