Barb Jungr

Norwich Playhouse

Norwich Playhouse

“Sometimes you just feel in the mood, don't you?” So said the soulful and versatile Barb Jungr, midway through a concert which thrillingly showcased songs from her recent blues and gospel-influenced album Walking In The Sun.

Despite coming from Stockport, the Mississippi Delta courses mysteriously through her veins, and with her dry between-song patter this internationally acclaimed singer is part Nina Simone, part Victoria Wood.

Perched on a stool, with her bracelet flashing time, she began with Walking In Memphis, before tackling the Jimmy Reed number Take Out Some Insurance.

This showed off her slightly husky yet powerful voice in fine style, organist Jessica Laurens laying down a spare, funky bass line with pianist Jenny Carr coming in for the first of many great boogie solos.

Jungr is particularly admired for her adept interpretations of classic material, and of the four Bob Dylan songs covered, the (by her) unrecorded Man In The Long Black Coat was an especially swampy delight.

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This was almost topped by Peace In The Valley, a gospel number recorded by Elvis, but really highlights were simply a question of taste.

A seriously good singer backed by classy players, Barb Jungr in the mood makes having the blues seem like the most exhilarating thing imaginable.