Babes in the Wood

Hunstanton Town Hall

Stars of the future adorned the Hunstanton Town Hall when The Lavender Hill mob drama group took to the stage at the weekend.

Only very loosely following the pantomime of the same name, this vibrant production delighted the audience with its original songs, well-designed scenery and colourful costumes.

The cast included children as young as five through to adults, engulfing the auditorium and sweeping along with audience participation.

An exceptionally energetic and witty performance was given by Ashleigh German, as Boots the Dog, and Laura Kenworthy portrayed Gretel with an uncanny resemblance to film star Sandra Bullock. Rand Connor added a cheeky sparkle as the fairground barker and Ria Farncombe gave a menacing lilt to the part of the Count. The panto dame was Nurse Polly, aka John Wrigley, who had also taken on the role of acting director and whose guiding hand helped ease the youngsters' nerves. Also making the show unusual was the use of sign language, delivered by Tina Sanderson and Michaela Wrigley.

Parents in the audience glowed with pride as their children were given the chance to showcase their talents.

With all members of the cast playing their parts to perfection, the production was a roaring success and was a credit to producer/artistic director Lesley Miles and her team.

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