Lockdown arts programme from Norwich charity continues with free critical reading discussion

Assembly Online week four: Critical reading discussion from The Assembly House Trust (C) AHT

Assembly Online week four: Critical reading discussion from The Assembly House Trust (C) AHT - Credit: AHT

Free arts programme from The Assembly House Trust continues with an online critical reading discussion to join in with during lockdown

The Assembly House Trust’s free online arts programme continues with a discussion about a book described as “a manifesto for ‘toxic girls’”.

Writers Philippa Snow and Rose Higham-Stainton will be reading from and discussing Heroines, by Kate Zambreno (Semiotext(e), 2012) at 7.30pm on Thursday April 23 which the author says “reclaims the wives and mistresses of modernism for literature and feminism.”

The free event is part of a new weekly live stream service of arts and culture events hosted by and funded by The Assembly House Trust, the arts charity which owns The Assembly House in Norwich.

In the Assembly Online critical reading discussion, audience members can pose questions via the chatroom for Philippa and Rose to talk about.

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Philippa Snow is a writer, based in Norwich. Her reviews and essays have appeared in publications including Artforum, Sight & Sound, GARAGE, Frieze, The White Review, The Cut, The Baffler, and The New Republic. She was shortlisted for the 2020 Fitzcarraldo Editions Essay Prize.

Rose Higham-Stainton writes about arts and culture and runs a critical reading group in Norwich. Her writing is held in the Women’s Art Library at Goldsmiths College and has appeared in MAP Magazine, NOIT, The Pluralist, Dazed Digital, LOVE and V Magazine.

In order to participate in this event, visit www.assemblyhousetrust.org.uk/assembly-online just before 7.30pm on Thursday where there will be a link to watch the live stream. You can also watch the HomeSounds event from a previous week.

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The hope is that the arts programme will bring people together and provide a weekly activity which is free and accessible from home during the coronavirus lockdown.

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