Cromer Seafront

> Cromer Seafront

The really great thing about this exhibition is the outdoor siting. In and around Cromer seafront, 10 local artists have lit up aspects of the history, heritage and landscape of the town in a series of projections using new technology.

At the entrance to the pier, waves wash over old snapshots of Lucy Care's family holidays. Each image is connected and distorted by the cleansing action of the tide. It's a poignant personal timeline of nostalgic memory.

Also projected on to the wooden boardwalk are abstract images from the vibrant paintings of Anna-Lise Horsley. As the visuals meld together, the effect creates a luminescent pool of brilliant colour.

I loved the way the curved space surrounding the steps up from the beach had been sequestrated for the purpose of converting an archive image of Cromer beach into a contemporary liquefied landscape. And positioned just a little further along the promenade, a fishing boat acts as the perfect canvas for a collage of intangible rope knots.

Moving from the sublime to the frankly ridiculous, my leisurely amble took me to Beach Hut no 54. Where, I am ashamed to say, I became temporarily transfixed by the pointless banality of Mr Crab & Mr Ice-Creams' camp capers.

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This puerile and poorly-produced video will serve only to provide passing entertain-ment for those in pushchairs or awash with lager.

That said, it makes for a super evening out and if the Galaxy of starfish by Liz McGowan & Margie Britz could have been projected on to the water beneath the pier, this innovative project, which is part of a major seafront regeneration scheme, would have had the all-elusive 'wow' factor!