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A Greek tragedy in 80 minutes – this was quality rather than quantity.

So effective was the storytelling of director Andy Naylor's script in his “freely adapted” version of Sophocles's classic that a potentially daunting excursion was very accessible – and as enjoyable as a death-filled tale can be.

The presentation was bold, with the characters masked by dreadlock-style wigs adding to the dramatic effect, making them forboding figures with their unseeing eyes.

Even with the potential impediment of the masks, the cast's diction was excellent so the easy flow of Naylor's writing style could be appreciated.

There was some Anglo-Saxon language and even the atrocious “gobsmacked” had its place, but the audience was able to enjoy every nuance of the story with all its philosophical insights.

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Issy Huckle gave a splendid performance as the principled Antigone. She led a highly-professional cast, including Russ Jordan, Katherine Shaw, David Connor, David Senton and the Chorus of Theban Elders led by Lesley Mardle.

It is a bold company which maintains its standards and stages classic works in a world where too often television influences dramatic appeal. After all, the morals of this tale are as relevant today.

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