Norwich Arts Centre

There's a revolutionary smell in the air at Norwich Arts Centre as Antigone stalks back on the stage, just as avid as ever in her desire to bury her dissident brother in the teeth of King Creon's displeasure.

The set was epic: giant film screens unfurled behind the play's bloody dispute, where visual echoes of the tragedy's action flit like screams.

As with the last production by local theatre company Pirateutopia (this time working with Crude Apache), mobile phones played a role: comments from the audience flashing up on the screens to fuel the debate or express a mood.

Performances from Katie McErlain as Antigone and Jessica Pidsley as Creon carried my sympathies backwards and forwards with their passion and Steve Stigwood as the chorus was assured.

The ensemble as a whole felt tight and together.

There was a mass of information to take in here, and at first I found my eye drawn by everything at once. When Jessica Pidsley waited for a prompt and the stage was left in silence, it was a relief.

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But once I tuned into the play's hectic rhythm, I was texting along to the final, bitter decision: Antigone flashed the screens “'to die or not to die: you decide…”

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