Animal magic, autumnal fun and a musical hero - what to expect from Mustard TV this month

Africa Alive Animal Park will be the setting for another new segment coming to The Mustard Show this

Africa Alive Animal Park will be the setting for another new segment coming to The Mustard Show this month. - Credit: Archant

More than two weeks in and we're still loving our new set on The Mustard Show. Finally, our guests are comfortable, their feet are cosy on the new rug, and we can fit more than two people on a sofa without having to sit on each other's laps. But it's not just the new furniture that should have you tuning in – we've streamlined our schedule too, so our viewers know what to look forward to each week.

Obviously we like to keep some things as a surprise, but here's a little guide to the Mustard Show Menu!


Mondays start off with a catch-up on the weekend's regional news, with assistant editor of the EDP and Evening News, Dave Powles. So, if you've been out enjoying yourselves over the weekend and are a little out of touch with the local news, make sure you're ready at 6.15pm for Dave to get you up-to-date.

As well as news, Mondays are all about fashion and beauty in the Mustard studio, so whether it be vintage style with Karen James-Welton, High Street picks with Rivkie Baum, or style tips with Emma Harrowing, make sure you tune in on Mondays if you're looking to stay on trend.

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Tuesdays belong to our Dame of the Des Res, Caroline Culot. Each week she's back on the mustard sofa with her top property picks in the region for that week, as well as getting out into the region to explore first hand some of the best properties on the market.


Wednesdays we get all green-fingered, as we catch up with resident gardeners Ellen Mary or Stephen 'Fozz' Foster, who gallantly guide us through how to make the best of our gardens. And Wednesdays are also home (for the time being) to Music Mash presenter Si Holden, who has taken residency on the Mustard Show sofas while his own show takes a break. So if you want to know which gigs you should be heading to, or which local bands you should be listening to, make sure you tune in.


Fridays with Dan and Cara take a slightly more theatrical approach, and are usually full to the brim with news on local theatre productions and performers. Soon to start on Fridays will also be a brand new feature, Inspect-a-Gadget, where Tom Vince will be reviewing the hottest new products in the shops.


In another new segment coming to The Mustard Show this month may be for you. Based at Africa Alive Animal Park, in Kessingland, Wild About will be going behind-the-scenes of one of our region's favourite wildlife attractions.

Along with the keepers and staff, I'll be meeting some of the fan favourites and new arrivals at the park, getting stuck in with some of the day-to-day tasks (yes that includes the shovelling of certain less-than-fragrant matter) and finding out how Africa Alive is helping to conserve some of our planet's most endangered animal species.

Episode one will hark back to the summer sunshine, as we check in with the park's desert dwellers. I meet Mindy, the dab lizard with a spiky personality, we find out why the Fennec Fox has ears as big as its body and I get mugged by a pack of meerkats.

So if a combination of cute animals and presenters being caught out by the same is something you can get on board with, make sure you tune in to the Wild About series preview on Friday's Mustard Show. That's Freeview Channel 8 at 6.15pm.


When we launched back in March, one show that seemed to really capture our audience's imagination and resonate with the county was Archive Half Hour. Made by the East Anglian Film Archive, the series rediscovers some wonderful old footage of Norfolk's industries, holidays and scenery, and narrated by Graham Cole, takes us on a nostalgic journey into the region's past. It is a real treat for both those of us that remember living through those days the first time around, or younger viewers who have heard tales of Norfolk from their relatives and would love to see it for themselves. The series is being repeated on Mustard on Tuesday nights at 8pm.


One of the reasons we love Norfolk is because of the quirky characters that live here, and Tom Terry is certainly one of those. The self styled Singing Pensioner invited Mustard TV to one of his debut gigs in north Norfolk at an ice cream parlour in Hunstanton. Tom, who had never picked up a guitar until he reached retirement age, is currently working on his first album, proving you're never too old to start a new passion! In fact, since his appearance on the Mustard show, Tom has already recorded three tracks in a King's Lynn recording studio. When the Mustard cameras were with Tom in sunny Hunny Tom took the opportunity to put our cameraman through his paces and film an extra performance! In the words of the man himself 'What next for Tom Terry?'… rest assured Mustard will be keeping an eye on his growing career.

And remember, as ever, we want you to be involved in our shows, so if your band wants Si Holden to visit your gig, or you'd like Ellen Mary and Fozz to help you grow a better geranium, or you're desperate to know how to style that Aran sweater that's been in your wardrobe for a year, then get in touch! • If you have any comments, questions, or would just love to be involved in The Mustard Show, then tweet us on @mustardtv, email, or find us on Facebook!

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