Amazing racket adds up to Nought

Nought @ Wombat Wombat, Ferry Boat Inn, Norwich. Reviewer: Richard Fryer.

Nought @ Wombat Wombat, Ferry Boat Inn, Norwich

By Richard Fryer

Last night's launch of Wombat Wombat's regular fortnightly events got off to an auspicious start with Shifty Disco band Nought.

Nought produce the most amazing instrumental racket you will hear this year.

If you mix Frank Zappa, Sonic Youth and King Crimson and add the energy of punk rock you will get Nought.

Tight, fast, furious and complex they are a veritable aural assault. This is emphasised by their debut single Cough Cat Kitty Cat, Nought Theme and Red Rag. They play manic blistering instrumental pop of the finest order.

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Support band Bearsuit played a set of gentle and subtle songs that featured flutes and accordions. They would like to be like Belle and Sebastian or Stereolab and with a lot of practise they could be.

Steve Smith co-organiser of the Wombat Wombat events said that he was very happy with the turnout of the first night of the club and that he expected the next gig on the February 8 featuring Magoo and Fiel Garvie at the Ferryboat to be even busier.

Wombat Wombat events will be on alternate Thursdays with the Wilde Club, formerly of the Norwich Arts Centre, on every other Thursdays.

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