What questions would you like to ask Altered Carbon author Richard Morgan?

Altered Carbon - imagine a future where you can be transplanted into another body and effectively li

Altered Carbon - imagine a future where you can be transplanted into another body and effectively live forever.Image: Netflix - Credit: Netflix

Altered Carbon author Richard Morgan will be joining us here at EDP and Evening News headquarters tomorrow to talk about his novel and the new Netflix series - and we are giving you the chance to ask some of the questions.

Tamara Taylor in Altered Carbon. Image: Netflix

Tamara Taylor in Altered Carbon. Image: Netflix - Credit: Netflix

Mr Morgan, who grew up in Hethersett, will be taking part in a Facebook Live interview from about 9.15am tomorrow morning where Altered Carbon fans will be able to put their questions to the man who inspired one of the hottest new television shows.

You can either post your questions online during the Facebook Live itself or email your questions in advance to emma.knights@archant.co.uk

Set in the 25th century when human personalities can be stored digitally and downloaded into new bodies known as 'sleeves', Altered Carbon tells the story of antihero Takeshi Kovacs, a former UN elite soldier-turned-private investigator, and his attempt to investigate a rich man's death for him.

The book - a New York Times Notable Book first published in 2002 and which won the Philip K. Dick Award in 2003 - has now also been made into a 10-part Netflix series after previously being tipped to be made into a Hollywood film.

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Mr Morgan, who lives in Norfolk with his wife and young son, is a consultant on the show which is planned to run for five seasons.

Talking to a national newspaper, Mr Morgan said the idea for Altered Carbon originated from an argument he had with a Buddhist at a party about karma.

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'If I'd been a literary novelist I'd probably have gone with some kind of ghost story or reincarnation. But I wasn't, I was steeped in sci-fi,' said Mr Morgan, who said he was influenced by Blade Runner as well as the works of William Gibson, Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett.

Altered Carbon is published by Gollancz and the TV series is on Netflix now.

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