Alpine Garden Show at Wymondham High School

Few people realise just how important the Alpine Garden Show that is held at Wymondham High School is, I didn't realise just how good it was until last year when I attended for the first time and found myself bowled over.

The Alpine Garden Society is a national organisation encouraging the growing and conservation of alpine plants many of which are threatened in their natural environment. Here in Norfolk on Saturday May 5 we have one of the most important Alpine Garden Shows with top-quality exhibitors bringing their precious plants from all over the country.

At this show you will find plants that puzzle and amaze for many are unfamiliar to regular gardeners. In Norfolk we are fortunate to have one of this country's foremost growers of alpine plants, Celia Coller, who regularly produces some top-quality exhibits at the Wymondham show.

In fact, Celia exhibits her plants nationwide and last year was the country's top exhibitor which I know she is very modest about.

There will be several nurseries that specialise in growing alpines and other plants; these will be selling a selection of the plants that are being shown as well as many other rarities from around the world. The nurseries will be selling from 10.30am onwards and the show will open to the public at noon after judging has taken place.

Refreshments are available and the cost of entry is a mere �2.50. If you like plants, you will love this, I did and came home with some really interesting new additions to my garden.

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