Alexander Balanescu

FRANK CLIFF St Peter Mancroft, Norwich


> St Peter Mancroft, Norwich

Balanescu is something of a maverick among performers: prolific composer as well as virtuoso violinist and leader of a string quartet which more often than not eschews the mainstream repertoire.

In this recital, he tackled works which present perhaps the most formidable challenge to any violinist: solo sonatas and partitas by Bach.

In both the first B minor Partita and the first G minor Sonata, he demonstrated an immaculate technique and produced an elegant sound.

This was playing of the greatest refinement yet the most remarkable quality of these performances was the feeling of spontaneity.

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Purists might object to Balanescu's occasional addition of some improvisation of his own in the B minor Partita, yet somehow it seemed quite natural, contributing to the seamless flow.