Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp

Marina Theatre, Lowestoft

> Marina Theatre, Lowestoft

Well, it began promisingly enough with a very Rank Films man with a gong opening the first act.

Although the Lowestoft Players are amateurs, we have come to expect quality semi-professional shows.

Sadly, Aladdin isn't one of them. The jokes fell flat and are worse than those found in Christmas crackers, and the sound levels were all over the place – either too loud or singers sounding as if they were inside a container.

The first act truly made me wish it was "all behind me", yet to quote another cliché, it's like the curate's egg – "good in parts".

And the good parts turned out to be excellent – especially the second half of the show.

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The best scenes were Widow Twanky and Wishee Washee's Mayhem at the Wheel and the Magic Flying Carpet Ride, which worked exceptionally well.

The best laugh of the evening – the unveiling of Justin Hawkins, lead singer of the Darkness, as the new statue in Lowestoft's Station Square – came in that scene.

The whole cast put in creditable performances with On the Beach and Summer Holiday.

Special praise goes to the youngsters of Wishee's gang, especially the tiniest, who sang and danced their hearts out.