Aisle 16

Premiere of their Powerpoint show at the Hog in Armour, Norwich

You would think a group of young performance poets would name themselves after something Byronesque.

A supermarket gangway – that symbol of the mediocre middle- England lifestyle – surely can't have inspired many bards to write.

But the name fits, since Aisle 16 has carved out a niche for itself, lyricising, satirising and generally banging on about suburban man's pet pretensions.

This time, it Essex man in a slick city suit. The poets were dressed in the familiar uniform of their satiric prey and, as they performed, a powerpoint screen flashed up mock motivational phrases, diagrams and images.

The visuals were strong and coherent, and so was the poetry. In Joel Stickley's vision of the modern world, even snails were snorting salt to become high achievers.

Aisle 16 is a Norfolk-nurtured act, having won the Edinburgh Adnams challenge in the Norwich Fringe three years ago. At that time, the raw energy was exciting. Now, it's more entertaining, it's true and it hangs together better. But I missed the bite.

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