Adorable Dalmatians knock spots off rest

101 Dalmatians @ Theatre Royal, Norwich.

101 Dalmatians @ Theatre Royal, Norwich


How much are the little doggies? Priceless I would say after seeing those adorable puppies on stage as the Busybodies Stage School transported us to a wonderland.

On Sunday a musical adaptation of the Dodie Smith children's classic of good beating evil was the creation of director Nichola Hood, the school's principal, and Robin West, script and song writer, in co-operation with musical director Maurice Anelli.

Bright costumes, well-planned choreography and creditable acting made it a thoroughly entertaining production.

Continuity was well carried by Charlotte Andrew and Lisa Collier as the doggy parents, while Danielle Kelly, despite rather fast delivery, was suitably evil as Cruella.

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The pick of the ensembles was in the wedding scene (with such delightful baby bridesmaids).

Other highlights were energetic dance exhibitions and an amusing quartet of dancing cows. The “senior” police shuffle was quite arresting.

A pity the show couldn't have a longer run.

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