Adam Hills - Joymonger

Norwich Playhouse

Norwich Playhouse

dam Hills might very possibly be the nicest man in the world. While many comedians profess to love their audience, few begin a gig by shaking hands with long-term fans in the front row and end by leading a round of applause for the theatre's staff. Fewer still pull off the trick of being genuinely funny into the bargain.

But then Australian Hills, a veteran of programmes such as Mock the Week, has been at this game a long time.

The premise of his current show is his struggle to relax and appreciate the ridiculousness of everyday life.

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In jeans and an open-neck shirt, he delivers his acute observations in the manner of someone who, having wandered into a strange bar, effortlessly begins entertaining the locals.

Among many anecdotal nuggets, Hills offers up the intriguing prospect of Israelis and Palestinians bonding through a shared love of Bon Jovi. Throughout, his canny control of his material and winning way with an accent confirm him as a class act.

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Hills is arguably supremely

engaging rather than side-splittingly hilarious. Going to see him may well be habit-forming.

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