Academy of St Thomas, Norwich

CHRISTOPHER SMITH For the opening of its 30th anniversary season the academy made a fine choice of programme.


For the opening of its 30th anniversary season (congratulations and warm thanks) the Academy of St Thomas made a fine choice of programme.

After two unusual works that showed the qualities of different families of instruments, the orchestra combined for a towering classic.

The auditorium of StAndrew's Hall was sparsely populated, but those who came had much to enjoy.

The leader was Paul Clarke, and the conductor was Christopher Adey. An impressive figure, he was full of physical and mental energy that he did not waste in broad gestures. Instead, he moulded every phrase with his hands, adding meaning and value.

In the Serenade by Richard Strauss, 13 wind players had their opportunity to develop a rich tapestry of tone.

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Ian Chopping and Jonathan Wortley were the soloists in Martinu's Concerto for Double String Orchestra, Timpani and Piano. Here were passions and complex thoughts that demanded attention and denied listeners any sense of relaxation.

With its Dead March as a timely reminder of the costs of glory, Beethoven's Third Symphony made a climax that was always more than a celebration of heroism. Countless nuances invited fresh insights into the riches of the score.

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