Absent Friends, Fakenham

RICHARD PARR Six Fadlos members brought out the rich comedy in the Alan Ayckbourn classic.


We've all been there – a dinner or a family get together when things are said that should not have been.

Six Fadlos members brought out the rich comedy in Absent Friends, Alan Ayckbourn's classic at Fakenham Community Centre.

Lorraine George was well cast as Diana, the mixed up and neurotic wife of Paul, excellently played by Ian McEvansoneya, who create the tension and laughs on their emotional rollercoaster.

Jane Wills plays the new mum, Evelyn, with Russell Beveridge as her rather weak husband, John.

The atmosphere has reached fever pitch by the time their friend Colin arrives like a bull in a china shop, tact not being his strong point.

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Ben Francis was wonderful as Colin and the action develops into a well-played all-out row in which poor Diana loses control at her Saturday afternoon tea party.

Chrissie Robertson delightfully plays Madge, the well-meaning but rather dim friend.

Ackbourn is a brilliant writer with a sharp eye for character, reflecting life in its sometimes cruel state.

Fadlos director Tony George has produced the play in a way that brings out all the humour, domestic conflicts and underlying problems that emerge when this group of people meet up.

Special mention must be made of the set.

Another success for this group.

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