“A real joy to watch” - Live music review: Against the Current at Epic Studios

Photo of Chrissy Constanza, lead singer of Against the Current, performing at Epic Studios in Norwic

Photo of Chrissy Constanza, lead singer of Against the Current, performing at Epic Studios in Norwich on March 9. Photo: Al Pulford - Credit: Al Pulford

Until last week, I had little idea about who Against the Current were, had you mentioned the band to me I most likely would have returned your comment with a blank stare.

Today however, I could look you in the eyes and launch straight into a gushing ten-minute speech on the impressive vocal range of 21-year-old Chrissy Constanza, lead singer of the pop-punk group.

That's because Thursday night I watched on as the trio from Poughkeepsie visited Norwich to play some of their hits at Epic Studios.

Supported by local band Crossing the Limits and Vienna-based rockers, Hunger, the group, performed to a packed room and the energy was electric from the moment they sprang on stage (quite literally in Constanza's case, who seemed to have springs attached to her feet the whole night through) and didn't let up until the lights went down.

Against the Current formed in 2011 and first gained a substantial following on YouTube, posting covers of popular songs online.

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Their debut album, In Our Bones, was released in May of last year and this tour features various songs from the record, including Blood Like Gasoline, Running with the Wild Things and One More Weekend.

Throughout the show, Constanza praised the enthusiastic crowd and even recalled the band's last visit to Epic Studios - where they played to about 10 people.

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Had there only been 10 people in the room tonight, the atmosphere still couldn't have been diminished, as this is a band who are incredibly passionate about their music which ultimately makes them a real joy to watch.

A particular highlight of the night saw Constanza reveal the significance of the album's title track, proclaiming: 'When we wrote this song, we realised what music really is to us, music is in our bones', and it's clear to see that it really is.

For more information on bands performing in Norwich visit facebook.com/Upsurgeuk• Did you see Against the Current in Norwich? Let us know what you thought of the show in the comments below.

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