A Christmas Carol

Little Theatre, Sheringham

> Little Theatre, Sheringham

If you're fed up hearing how many (or how few) shopping days are left until Christmas, Charles Dickens' seasonal fairy story about charity and forgiveness is the perfect antidote.

And it is fitting that this is a local, amateur production by the Sheringham Players – an impressive cast of 24, bringing together child and adult actors in a story that is about the love that binds communities.

Ebeneezer Scrooge is the humbug-ridden old curmudgeon at the centre of the tale (a demanding role convincingly played by Colin Prentice). We watch him protest and plead as the spirits take him on a painful, but cathartic, journey of redemption.

It's a well-known story, that is largely based on Dickens' childhood experiences, dealing with many themes close to his heart. It attacks selfishness, greed and commercialism and all those who spurn the poor and unemployed.

For this presentation, Derek Bull has adapted and directed the original, which has lost none of its narrative power and radical intent.

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A special mention must go to Ted Walker, Tony Chadwick and Libby Henshaw for ingenious staging and wonderful costumes and to Gary Higgs (Tiny Tim), Neil Batchelor (Fezziwig) and David Bonnington (Bob Cratchit) for really looking the part.

t Continues until Saturday, November 27.