A Bedfull of Foreigners

Marina Theatre, Lowestoft

Marina Theatre, Lowestoft

Every actor knows the audiences' reaction is the barometer used to measure the success or failure of a show.

The audience for A Bedfull of Foreigners told the strong cast in the Bruce James production that their fast-paced comedy of errors is a huge success.

Written by David Freeman (Benny Hill Show) and set in a seedy French hotel run like Fawlty Towers, it stars Damian Williams as Stanley Parker, an Englishman abroad with his wife Brenda, brilliantly played by Lynette McMorrough (Glenda in Crossroads).

This spectacular farce includes all the usual ingredients - seductions, confront-ations, mistaken identities and hasty cover-ups.

The beautifully inefficient porter Karak (Morgan Roberts) showed great comic presence along with hotel manager Heinz (Benjamin Roddy).

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Andrew Ryan and Julie Fox (Claude and Helga Philby) were excellent and perfect foils for Damien whose mobile features were perfect for showing puzzlement, slyness or just naughty boy caught out expressions causing gales of laughter with no need for words.

And no one should miss the sexy Simone, played by Kate Burrell, whose exit costume is worth waiting for.

t The production continues until Saturday, July 15.

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