42nd Street

Norwich Theatre Royal

Norwich Theatre Royal

Apart from the war years, the Norfolk and Norwich Operatic Society has put on a production every year since 1925. It is therefore fitting that this year's show is set in the New York Theatre-land of 1933.

It is a stunning production, with so much talent both on the stage and in the orchestra.

Playing Peggy was Hannah Wilson, and what a lovely personality she portrayed in this role. She captured the naivety of youth, but showed strength and determination in wanting to succeed. Her combined talents of dancing, singing and acting were a joy to watch.

The 'wicked witch' character was Dorothy, played by Linda Campbell. She did a wonderful job of being the self-opinionated 'star' but she had a great singing voice to throw in.

Maggie (Laura Marvell) was a character of her own. Not one to argue with and certainly a stage presence to match. The role of Julian the producer was performed by Greg Fitch. He certainly showed he was in charge. I was especially moved with the poignant scene when he beautifully sang 'Lullaby of Broadway' which led up to an exciting crescendo when the rest of the cast came on stage.

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The scene changes were slick and smooth and the set was highly imaginative with terrific use of lighting. Although the stage was often packed with the cast in colourful costumes it was never over crowded. Quite a feat in choreography.

The show is packed with many toe-tapping favourites including 42nd Street, We're In the Money and You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me. You will also enjoy plenty of humour in the many one-liners and at the other end of the scale you will see the raw emotion of life. Dorothy and Peggy's duet in About a Quarter To Nine summed this up when hatred turned to forgiveness and ultimately Dorothy wishing Peggy success.

What an exciting and spectacular show.

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