While cannabis and pure cannabis oil remains illegal in the UK, the sale and use of cannabinoids containing no or trace amounts of THC is now widespread. CBD, the non-psychoactive component of cannabis, has become integral to many wellness routines and products.

While there are many purported benefits of CBD, UK companies are not allowed to advertise it as a holistic pain-, inflammation-, or anxiety-relief products. This has led to some confusion around the best CBD oil products to use for certain situations. So, what exactly is the #1 CBD oil UK?

Many companies claim to sell the “best” full-spectrum CBD oil, cannabidiol, or CBD tinctures. For those trying this product for the first time as a beginner, however, finding a high-quality product isn’t always easy. To make it simpler, NutriHolistics have compiled a list of our five favourite CBD oils in the UK market right now.

Why We Chose These CBD Oil Products

We take CBD seriously – because when it’s prepared properly, it can be a wonderful tool for self-care and wellness. When we researched these UK CBD oil products, we considered a number of factors to ensure each brand was offering high-quality products. Here are some of the things we checked to ensure this list is worthy of its title:

Extraction Process

The extraction process used in the production of CBD oils has a huge impact on the quality of the end product. When considering UK brands, we highlighted those that use ethanol or CO2 extraction processes, because these processes do not involve harsh chemical solvents that can degrade the quality of the oil.

Hemp Quality

Just as the best ingredients make the best meals, only the best quality hemp can create truly high-quality CBD oil tinctures. This is why we favour CBD companies that use non-GMO and organic hemp extract or hemp seed oil. When CBD brands use hemp plants that have not been treated with harsh pesticides and herbicides, the result is pure CBD oil with lower side effect risks.

Information Transparency

Because the UK has such strict regulations regarding THC content, transparency is all-important when it comes to cannabinoid products. The products we have highlighted are lab tested by third-party laboratories for contaminants.

More importantly, their lab reports are transparent about the amount of CBD, flavonoids, phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and THC in their products. This is crucial for customers who like to know exactly what they are getting.

Ease of Use

Not every form of CBD is right for every person. We choose CBD oil products that are easy to use, even if it's your first time. Whether it comes in e-liquid form for vaping or with a dropper to be added as a food supplement, we believe CBD should be accessible.

Customer Reviews

At the end of the day, the extraction method, hemp quality, and THC content are secondary to the experience of CBD users. This is why we carefully read customer reviews when recommending products. A product with many loyal, happy customers already has the vote of the people, which means it’s worth considering.

That’s why this list contains some of the best options for those looking to buy CBD in the UK.

Discover Five of the Best CBD Oils Available in the UK

Here is our lineup of some of the best brands, their products, and which is likely to suit your needs best:

1.Blessed CBD

Blessed CBD has a towering reputation for excellence in the UK – and it has been well earned. Their dedication to quality, transparency, and variety has made them one of the leaders of the UK CBD industry. Their customer reviews are overwhelmingly popular, and all of their products are lab-tested by third-party companies, who provide online access to the full lab reports.

Eastern Daily Press:

Blessed CBD oils are versatile. They can be added to food and drinks or taken sublingually (placed under the tongue). They also have a broad range of products, which include oils with between 500mg to 1800mg of cannabidiol per 10ml. They also sell broad and full-spectrum versions of the oil. This means that this company is a good choice for CBD users of all preferences and experience levels, as they will find something for them.

Why Choose Blessed CBD?

We like Blessed CBD oils and products because they provide consistent quality across their full range of CBD oil drops, tinctures, flavoured CBD vape pens, and edibles. As well as offering both broad and full-spectrum CBD oil of some of the highest quality, Blessed CBD products have a smooth and pleasant taste that most will find appealing.

2.Vibes CBD

Vibes CBD has gained serious traction in recent years, thanks to their quality-based, customer-satisfaction-before-profit mentality. With a high focus on sustainability, they create pure CBD products that meet all of the criteria for high quality. This is just one of the reasons that so many people rave about them.

Vibes CBD exclusively uses organic hemp extracts and plants that are grown using sustainable farming methods. Their commitment to helping people and paying those in their supply chain fairly are just two of the reasons that people choose them over other popular UK CBD companies – but the quality of their products speaks for itself.

With a range of broad-spectrum CBD and full-spectrum CBD products that vary in strength from 1000mg to 2000mg per 10ml, their products allow CBD users to choose the exact strength they want for their self-care processes. They offer a range of products, including CBD gummies, CBD capsules, and CBD balms, but Vibes CBD recommends taking their oil sublingually for the best effects. You can find all third-party lab tested results on their website to learn more.

Why Choose Vibes CBD?

We recommend Vibes CBD oil to experienced CBD users in particular, because of the smooth taste and packed formula. Stacked with terpenes and complemented by hemp seed oil (which is a great carrier oil for these products), it absorbs into the bloodstream quickly to give a faster result.

3.Cheerful Buddha

Cheerful Buddha is a sustainable, fair-trade company that offers a range of CBD oils and infused coffees in varying levels of CBD content. Perfect for first-time CBD users, this brand makes naturally flavoured CBD oil drops that are as good for the planet as they taste.

Independently tested in laboratories, Cheerful Buddha products are pure; they do not use hemp plants that have been treated with pesticides or herbicides, and forgo harsh chemical solvents during their extraction process. As a result, their range of 300mg to 1000mg per 10ml CBD oils are perfect as food additives and gentle on the body, all while stimulating the endocannabinoid system. Cheerful Buddha recommends placing their THC-free CBD oil products under the tongue or in food to ensure the best results.

Why Choose Cheerful Buddha?

New CBD users who are concerned about the environmental impact of production will find this brand particularly appealing, because of its firm dedication to sustainable farming. Their naturally flavoured CBD oil products are particularly popular because they use coconut oil as a carrier and limit the earthy taste associated with raw CBD products. For those who prefer edible CBD products, they also have a range of fair-trade, CBD-infused coffees that meet all UK criteria for legality and high quality.

4.EIR Health

As a producer of well formulated CBD oils and products, EIR Health is one of the leaders in the UK CBD industry. Made exclusively from organic hemp plants and independently lab-tested for purity and strength, their products are a staple in many wellness communities.

Though EIR produces a broad range of products, their full-spectrum CBD oil tinctures are one of the most popular items. Available in potencies from 300mg to 3000mg per 30ml bottle, these tinctures are entirely THC-free and tested for purity. They also offer a range of topical and edible CBD products of varying strengths. One of the unique facets of EIR Health is the fact that they create specialist formulas for wellness purposes, such as sleep and energy promotion.

Why Choose EIR Health?

EIR Health is unique because it takes a pharmaceutical approach to creating its products. This means that their standards for purity, quality, and consistency are extremely high. This targeted focus is the main reason that they are widely thought to have some of the most effective products in the UK CBD market.

5.CBD Brothers

As far as UK-based brands go, CBD Brothers is one of the most unique and highly regarded. This is partly due to the vast range of products, which include CBD gummies, topical skincare products, and CBD vapes. The high quality of their products is another major factor in the many positive customer reviews they have to their name.

Unlike many CBD brands, CBD Brothers have complete control over every aspect of their production. From seed to sale, they are involved in every step of product development, creation, and design. The result is a unique and consistent brand that focuses on quality before profit.

Potency varied from 300mg to 10,000mg per bottle of CBD oil, which is a uniquely large range of strengths. They also offer a range of natural flavours, while maintaining an organic and sustainable supply chain.

Why Choose CBD Brothers?

We love CBD Brothers products because of the vast selection and high quality. They incorporate a number of ingredients, such as MCT oil and coconut oil, to enhance the performance of their products. This allows the CBD in their oils to enter the bloodstream more effectively and efficiently, giving better results with each use.

Choosing the Best CBD Oils for You

Getting the best CBD products for your self-care needs is often a matter of trial and error. What works for one person will not always suit another. If you start with brands that offer ethical, high-quality, pure hemp CBD oils and products, however, you can’t go far wrong.

The brands listed above have products to suit new and experienced CBD users in a range of potencies. To give yourself the best chance of getting something that really works for you, read customer reviews and talk to experienced CBD enthusiasts for advice.

This buyer's guide is brought to you by NutraHolistics, a Dutch health and wellness supplement retailer. Nathalia Hoedjes, an experienced user, personally assesses each product to share her honest feedback. Please note that NutraHolistics may receive a commission from purchases made through this guide, either now or later. Consult with a healthcare professional or your doctor before using CBD if you have any concerns or questions.


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