The Norwich house that’s so haunted even paranormal investigators won’t go inside

Silver Road in Norwich. Picture: Google Street View

Silver Road in Norwich. Picture: Google Street View - Credit: Archant

Mysterious dark figures, flickering lights and spine-tingling screams are just a few of the things a woman from Norwich experienced during her time living in what could potentially be the city's most haunted house.

A picture Lisa took in the house on Silver Road which she says contains the figure of a man. Can you

A picture Lisa took in the house on Silver Road which she says contains the figure of a man. Can you see anything out of the ordinary? Photo: Lisa Hamilton - Credit: Archant

Norwich is thought to be one of the most haunted cities in the UK, with 49pc of local residents revealing they have had a paranormal experience at one point or another.

From strange noises, to dark figures, Lisa Hamilton, a full-time carer, claims to have witnessed her fair share of supernatural phenomena between 2007 and 2008 while living at a house on Silver Road in north Norwich.

She said: 'Strange things had been happening in the house for a while, but I thought it was all in my head. Lights would turn on and off, the covers would be pulled off the bed, there were cold patches, and I would wake up in the middle of the night and see a dark form near my cupboard. The shape would get bigger and bigger and I felt like it wanted to trap me inside the room. I visited Inanna's Festival and the staff told me to burn sage, sprinkle salt around the room and hang a crystal on the door of the cupboard, which I did and oddly enough things quietened down for a while.

'A year later we had new flooring laid and the cupboard door had to be removed. That night things started to get weird again, I heard a horrendous banging noise, and the cats started acting up. The worst part was when my mobile rang and it said it was my house phone calling, but the phone had been unplugged due to the redecorating! All I could hear when I answered was static, it scared me so much that I ran out and went to stay at my mum's.'

Eventually the 44-year-old reached breaking point and her landlord called in paranormal experts to investigate the property.

'They said they could sense an angry male who they thought had been a gang member that had killed people, as well as several other spirits in the home, including a young boy from the 1800s, a woman who had drowned in the house and a demon in the attic,' said Miss Hamilton.

She added: 'I told them my baby had been screaming in the middle of the night, so they used EMF meters near the crib and asked the spirits questions. Apparently a little boy said he wanted someone to play with and revealed he had been rocking the baby's crib at night to wake him up.'

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Shortly after the investigation, Miss Hamilton packed a bag and left the house not wanting to stay there a moment longer, but in her absence her neighbours reported hearing people running up and down the stairs and saw the lights turning on and off.

Miss Hamilton said: 'The house was re-let a couple of months after I moved and I haven't heard of anyone experiencing anything similar but I would never set foot in there again and neither would the paranormal investigators - I still speak to one of them and despite the fact that she's been to some of the most haunted places in the country she refuses to go back to Silver Road!'

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