Telecoms prices are coming down is your company benefitting?

Telecomes prices are coming down - is your company benefitting

Telecomes prices are coming down - is your company benefitting - Credit: Archant

I was really pleased to receive a written testimonial from one of our new customers, Climate Air Conditioning Ltd. Company Director, Phil Rees, wrote 'having only 2 telephone lines with a 'least cost routing company', I didn't think it would be worthwhile looking at; however my bill arrived the day before my meeting with Kevin so I gave it to him just in case. His response was immediate, not only was he able to offer me better rates for line rental and calls he also found I was paying for a service I didn't need. Just by switching to Breakwater I will save over £400 per annum'.

The moral of Phil's kind letter was to emphasise that you are never too small to take the time to review your telecoms services and look for saving. However, my view was quite different because you are never too big either. If a business with just 2 lines can save £400 per annum, does that mean a 4 line customer can save £800 and a 20 line customer save £4000?

So how did I save Phil money, especially when he was using a so called 'least cost routing company'? It was easy, over the last 18 months the wholesale cost of fixed to mobile calls have reduced twice and line rental is reducing this September. At Breakwater IT we are very fortunate because our wholesale partner has passed discounts onto our customers all 3 times! So, I reduced Phil's line rental by a little and his cost of calling mobiles by a lot, 70% in fact.

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Having 20 years' experience in the telecoms industry, I am very quick to identify cost savings and calling plans that just do not work for customers. Call commitments, call capping, call allowances, call set-up charges, minimum call charges, inclusive minutes, are all terms that just don't seem to deliver what they promise especially when they are not billed properly. Earlier this year I met Julian Garrood, Director of Drayton Caravans and Norfolk Caravan Hire. I completed a similar audit of their telecoms bills. They have 5 lines so according to Phil's experience they should get a saving of £1000? In fact annual projected saving was £1290, but that's not all. 4 of the lines were digital ISDN2e and were on a tariff called 'Start-Up' which includes a £20 per line per month call allowance. However their provider was not passing the allowance on due to a billing error. Julian was very pleased with an additional refund of £391 which we claimed back.

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So, if you like the prospect of saving money on your telephone bills together with the comfort that your rates are pro-actively monitored then a free Breakwater IT telecoms audit could be for you. Not only that, our fixed line services are only contracted over 30 days as we are confident that you won't need to look no further.

And again, you are never too big or too small to use Breakwater IT for telecoms services. Phil will receive his line rental reduction on the 1st September along with East Anglian Air Ambulance, Seajacks, M+A Partners, Norfolk Country Cottages and many more.

Breakwater IT offers IT Support and Business Telecoms solutions across the East Anglia region.

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