Teenage lifeguard Max on the shortlist for Stars of Norfolk Awards - Nominate online here

Max Moore has been nominated in the Search and Rescue Person of the Year category.

A lifeguard who saved the life of a teenage girl could be rewarded for his bravery in the Stars of Norfolk awards.

Max Moore, 19, from Trunch, has been nominated for Search and Rescue person of the year after the emergency off Sea Palling beach last month.

Nominations for this category – as well as several others – can be made online and through the form on this page.

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The categories include Fire Service person of the year; Armed Services award of the year; Police person of the year; Small Business Community Support of the year; and Outstanding Bravery of the year.

The winners will be announced at St Andrew's Hall, Norwich, on October 18.

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Mr Moore, a former Gresham's School pupil, swam to the rescue to a 14-year-old girl who was swept out to sea by a riptide.

The girl, from Northampton, believed to be called Courtney, was walking along a sandbar off Sea Palling with a male family friend when the tide pulled the pair underwater and dragged them 50 metres offshore.

She was unable to swim, and battled to stay afloat with her friend clinging to her in a desperate bid to keep her head above the waves.

With the pair rapidly tiring, the man faced the dreadful choice of whether to stay with Courtney and risk both their lives – or swim to shore and leave her.

As the seconds ticked by, Mr Moore swam out to the pair.

The 19-year-old has been patrolling Sea Palling beach for four summer seasons and quickly reached Courtney and used a float to take her to shore.

The man was able to get back on his own, while Max treated Courtney, who was in shock and had swallowed a lot of water.

Mr Moore, who is having a year out before heading to Northumbria University, said at the time: 'Her life was in immediate danger. Her friend would only have been able to keep her afloat for a little while.

'I noticed two swimmers wading out on the sandbar that leads to one of the rock reefs. It's an area where we have lots of rescues, so I started heading over to tell them to come back.

'But before I got there, they were swept off the bar by the current. They were pulled out into the deep water.'

He added: 'Courtney was a non-swimmer and was with her parents' friend.

'She grabbed him and was hanging onto his shoulders.

'He was going underwater as well as he tried to keep her afloat. I went out with a rescue tube and clipped her in. I took her back to shore.'

Max said he was 'not nervous' as the adrenaline kicked in. But he admitted it was the most dramatic of a number of rescues he had been involved in.

Courtney was not believed to be seriously hurt, but was taken to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

Lifeguard manager Vince Pank said: 'A lifeguard's work is mostly preventative: thanks to Max spotting the emerging danger he was well positioned to respond quickly.'

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