Yapps win sailing trophy

Frostbites enjoyed their best turn-out of the season last Sunday, when 15 Norfolks, plus an Enterprise and Wayfarer, came to the line contesting the Arthur Mann Memorial Trophy.

Frostbites enjoyed their best turn-out of the season last Sunday, when 15 Norfolks, plus an Enterprise and Wayfarer, came to the line contesting the Arthur Mann Memorial Trophy. It was a pity that, as so often this season, the wind failed to rise to the occasion and the races proved a slow affair in a very light easterly, and with a very low and shallow river which caused several boats to run aground. The Arthur Mann Trophy is contested on a sealed personal handicap basis, as well as boat handicap, and spectators included Arthur's widow Dorothy and daughter Rosemary. For once the finishing order of the first three boats was unchanged by application of the handicaps, as David and Suzanne Yapp romped ahead from the start to show the rest the way round and cross the line a comfortable three minutes ahead of the second boat.

The Yapps have an uncanny ability to move well in light airs, but the second and third boats to finish proved a real turn-up for the books.

Derek Edwards and Kenny Pye have only lately resumed sailing after Derek's knee operations, and they enjoyed a close battle with Mike Lees and Joe Kingston, also making a rare appearance, and Kevin Edwards and Rory Kelsey.

They finished in that order and gave Derek a rare triumph over his offspring, as well as the pleasure of passing him again after Kevin had briefly asserted himself.

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Phil Scott, a short distance adrift of them, pulled up one place on handicap to fourth, ahead of Geoff Evans.

The earlier Norfolk race saw Kevin Edwards lead all the way, with Jan Hubbard and Sue Gilbert relishing their well-deserved second spot ahead of David and Kate Mackley until misfortune struck.

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Jan, who should have known better, proved oblivious to the low tide, persisted a foot too far and struck the riverbed just one boat length from the finishing line, and sat there helpless as the Mackleys closed the 10-length gap between them and sailed past to take second gun, leaving Jan third.

Wind shortage at Horning restricted Snowflakes' course to one well in sight of the clubhouse, starting with a downstream course towards the village green.

Conditions were such that race leaders Chris Bunn and Ian Tims took more than 10 minutes to round the first mark before continuing on the upstream leg.

They kept their lead until halfway back from the top of Swan Reach, when they were overhauled by Richard and Frances Whitefoot, who had been over at the start.

Despite setting a spinnaker after rounding the lower mark Bunn could not regain the lead from the Whitefoots, who gained a well deserved win on a shortened race.

Thankfully, the wind improved for the second race, which saw Sally and Richie Dugdale borrowing Bunn's boat and leading all the way despite pressure from James Buntin and Robert Whitefoot until the last leg, when they broke clear to win by a couple of minutes.

The final race, in failing winds, saw three starters and a comfortable win for Bernie Westgate and Andrew Fryer.

Conditions were similarly testing at Rollesby, where competitors had to deploy all their skills to gain any form of advantage. Darren Pike proved the best, ghosting along in his Phantom.

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