Run Anglia: What to do if you’re suffering from knee pain...

Head of Physical Performance at Walk To Run, Charles Allen. Picture: Supplied

Head of Physical Performance at Walk To Run, Charles Allen. Picture: Supplied - Credit: Archant

Head of Physical Performance at Walk to Run, Charles Allen, discusses what to do if you're suffering from knee pain…

Knee pain is common in humans.

At Walk to Run we see so many different causes, which may be the result of a fall, an impact or just through the way we are loading the body during exercise and movement.

The knee joint is a hinge joint and has limited movement potential compared to the hip, ankle and foot. This often means that an imbalance in individual muscle strength through the body can cause a loading pattern resulting in poor tracking at this joint. If the knee is performing movements which it is not really designed to do this will cause tissue to become tense, inflamed and even damaged.

Due to the variety of potential causes of knee pain I recommend seeking advice from a professional. A physiotherapist, biomechanics coach/trainer, sports therapist or someone suitably qualified to assess your gait and movement are the best sources of assistance. They should be able to identify why you are experiencing knee pain and be able to explain what is happening and how to fix it.

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In most cases it is much easier to fix knee pain than you might think. A suitably qualified professional will be able to suggest a series of exercises for you to perform and explain how you can prevent further damage when you are exercising.

The longer you ignore knee pain the more likely it is to progress, potentially creating a situation where a long spell of rest or maybe even surgery could be needed to fix it.

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Whilst in the past professionals would advise severely limiting exercise levels, now, with the advancement of knee supports, strapping solutions and assessment procedures it is often only necessary to reduce exercise or have a short period of rest with rehabilitation exercises.

So, with the correct treatment it will not be long before you can bounce back!

If you are looking for assistance with such a problem, then please feel free to contact our team and book a visit. Visit and book a visit to Sportlink, Taverham or contact or

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