Could brighter days lie ahead for King's Lynn after cash boost?

King's Lynn Town owner Stephen Cleeve

King's Lynn Town owner Stephen Cleeve - Credit: Ian Burt

It’s no secret just how difficult it has been this season on and off the pitch for King’s Lynn Town.

It has been a case of getting through these last few months and the club deserves credit for the way it has navigated the most difficult of circumstances.

Whilst some clubs have tried to exploit the furlough system to gain a competitive advantage, it has been exercised out of absolute necessity at the Walks. Without it, there wouldn’t be a club to support next season.

Financially at least, it has almost felt like a cloud has been over the club and several others at National League level in fairness.

However, it now feels like that is starting to lift and there can be a genuine sense of optimism around the Walks going into the next campaign.

Much of that has been aided by the news that an anonymous businessman has pumped £25,000 into the club in a sponsorship deal for the Main Stand. The individual has never been to the Walks but is in a position as a ‘Norfolk sports fan’ to be able to help a club in need for nothing in return.

Chairman Stephen Cleeve has joked in the corridors of power that the Main Stand could now be called ‘The Stand with No Name’... it of course won’t be and acknowledged the benefactor’s wish for complete anonymity.

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The Linnets’ coffers will also swell a little more next week when fans are able to return for matches against Solihull and Aldershot and you can therefore understand why Cleeve has said the complexion on next season has changed somewhat.

After what has gone on over course of the last six months the Linnets squad is in need of an overhaul and this money will help in that whilst providing a little of the thing that all businesses are craving in a Covid world – stability.

It is hoped at the club it might encourage other businesses to come forward and help Lynn with further sponsorship deals – ones where of course these businesses get something back in return in terms of publicity unlike the deal announced yesterday.

That would then mean the club really can kick forward under the shrewd stewardship of Ian Culverhouse.

Things could suddenly be looking brighter on and off the pitch... but Lynn fans won’t know who to thank for it.

As long as it can contribute to the long-term health of their club they won’t care.

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