West & Fens Fishing: Things starting to look up as weather finally improves

They're not quite crawling up the rods yet, but with temperatures creeping up into double figures the fish are starting to show again.

Things are picking up at Shepherd's Port, with carp and bream showing on Shepherd's Lake. Feeder has been the key in windy conditions.

Being right on the coast, you really do feel the wind when it blows up there – although some reckon it fishes better with a ripple.

Next door, the slightly more sheltered Bear Lake has also been producing carp, again mainly to feeder tactics. With the far side an underarm swing of the cage or method ball away, it's easy to concentrate feed precisely.

This has been a mental water at times, with pasties coming out thick and fast. Up to half a dozen a session is currently a more realistic target, but it's a nice little place to fish, which seems to respond to most methods once it warms up and the carp get going.

Springside Lake is also starting to wake up, with carp and silver fish showing. As many are finding, this is a water where you don't have to fish very far out to score.

The former sand pit was dug with a dragline to provide foundations for the adjacent Snettisham bypass, hence it's steeply-sloping margins.

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Watch the reeds as well - carp browse right in amongst the stems and can be caught literally feet from the bank.

As the otter debate rumbles on, I spied one almost on the outskirts of King's Lynn the other day, an unmistakable shape swimming up a land drain a few yards from a busy road.

No fish there, I smiled to myself. Unless Tarka knows better, obviously.