West & Fens Fishing: Sport has improved as the water levels retreat

Things have been picking up as the rivers settle back down to something resembling normal levels.

Roach, skimmers and bream have been showing downstream of Modney and on the Brown's Farm straight.

Both tip and pole have been producing with maggot, caster and pinkie on the pointy end.

Pike have also been waking up on one or two waters. Now's the best time to bag a big 'un as those females pack the pounds on. As their spawn swells, their body weight increases by around 20pc.

It's all very well knowing such things but it's not much use if you can't find them. Reedy shallows, the entrances to side drains and tributaries are worth a shot.

This time of year can be frustrating, as the fish can sometimes be more interested in making little pike than feeding.

But there's noting to beat the thrill of a float sliding off in a reedy bay, when you wonder if the granny of them all's going to be on the end.

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If the promised milder spell materialises, a couple of the stillwaters might be worth a look over the next week or two. Shepherd's Port and Springside, up on the coast can burst into life when spring arrives.

After a dour winter, I'm guessing there will be a few whose thoughts are turning to what the spring and summer are going to bring.

Without the early drought and threat of worse to come, it would well turn into a bumper few months to cheer us all up.

King's Lynn Pike Anglers Club has had to cancel its meeting scheduled for tonight at the Wm Burt Club. They're hoping to announce a new date for March.

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