West & Fens Fishing: Shepherd’s Lake and Tottenhill start to deliver

Things are starting to wake up, as predicted. Probably a bit of a no brainer, bearing in mind it's started to get warmer, but the end of the mini ice age that gripped us around easter has also brought more anglers out onto the banks.

A lot of mixed fisheries pep up when there are more people about, because favoured swims start getting a regular helping of bait.

This might help explain why Shepherd's Lake and Tottenhill have started delivering more consistent catches, with carp and bream showing on both.

Maggot or pellet on the waggler or method feeder is producing on both. Nice simple fishing.

This could be an interesting summer for Tottenhill, if water levels stay a little higher this summer.

Some fish were relocated last year to help the place survive low levels and the threatened drought, so the remaining stock should be thriving.

Springside's produced a few larger carp to mid-doubles, along with a succession of smaller fish. Tench have also started to show. This lake has some clonking tench in it, with specimens topping 8lbs out in recent summers.

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They're not in every swim, though, and the bypass bank seems to be the one they favour.

Fish close in and heavy for 'em next to the bushes. For carp, the opposite side – especially the first few swims – always seemed to have the edge.

Queen's Lake's also worth a mention, with bream to 8lbs featuring in recent catches. Swims at the deeper end around the tin hut are the ones to head for, with plenty of roach also to be had.

One way and another, this is quite an under-rated water compared to some of the other lakes on the Lynn book.