West & Fens Fishing: Old-style bait never fails to attract an old favourite

I'm turning my phone off now – and I hope you break your rod. Don't you just love it when you're at work, and your mates start texting saying the fish are going mad.

I suppose there's a certain justice to this, as I did banjo the person concerned last season when I swim-jumped him and fluked out a 20.

If I'd been out, I'd probably have expected the fish to be having it, with the rain colouring up the water slightly. One adage about pike is that when they're on the munch in one water, the chances are they'll be similarly-inclined in those nearby.

So maybe the tables are going to turn and even I'll manage to nail a few.

If you prefer silver fish with red fins to those with teeth, you could do a lot worse than head for Ten Mile, where the roach fishing seems to get better every week.

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As you might expect, seeds and elderberries are starting to sort out the bigger stamp of fish. Humble tares can give any of today's hi-tech baits a run for their money on the river this time of year.

It never ceases to surprise me that it only seems to be anglers of what you might call a certain age plumping for what was once angling's favourite species.

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When a specimen hunting friend described his big roach rig the other week, I suggested it was identical to the rig he uses for everything else, except with smaller hooks and boilies.

I was never much of a roach angler, but when I did fish for them the stick float or waggler ruled supreme. When they were further out, you just stuck a bigger waggler on. My specimen hunting mate owns neither, to my knowledge.

Tonight, sees an extraordinary meeting of King's Lynn AA, which will be discussing plans to make the club a limited company.

This will ensure no-one is liable for more than �1 in the event of the club being sued in the event of an incident.

For incident, read some of the ugly scenes which have happened on waters in the Fens in recent weeks.

The meeting's being held at the Wm Burt, at West Winch (7.30pm).

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