West and Fens: It’s becoming a struggle to get a bite out there

Fishing just seemed to die on its feet last weekend, as the few anglers who ventured out struggled for bites.

The odd bigger roach was the Ouse's saving grace, with Danby the better area. The bream seemed to totally switch off. You could blame clear water and colder than normal conditions for the slump. A few days' rain would certainly help the cause.

Pike fishing seems to have become a lost cause, with those of us daft enough to chase our tails after them running low on excuses.

There's too much food around for them at the moment, was one mate's offering. Maybe he's right – if the rivers are full of prey fish, they don't need to pick up your herring do they?

King's Lynn AA's EGM voted to dissolve the club and set up a limited company. Chairman Kelvin Allen said the change was a well-trodden path, with most of the country's larger clubs already becoming companies.

He said the modern-day health and safety culture meant two of the club's trustees had resigned – without trustees, the club could not continue to operate.

It will be business as usual for members, for whom the only real change will be the word limited in the small print somewhere on their tickets next season.

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Perhaps the evening's only surprise was how few people turned out for what was probably the most important meeting the club's had in donkey's years.

Lynn AA is the main force in angling in West Norfolk.

It controls most of the key waters on the north-eastern side of the Fens and has more than 800 members.

Yet just 20 of them attended the EGM.