West and fens fishing: Thriving Tottenhill is well worth a visit

They reckon that less fish sometimes equals better fishing. The rationale behind this is they're less stressed, therefore more willing to feed.

It might well explain why Tottenhill's been fishing well, despite being in the wars with falling water levels and a lorry load of carp being moved to other waters.

Catches to nearly 50lbs off the point, with carp and bream showing. Rain will certainly help the cause, at least in the short term, on this water.

The carp that hitched a ride up the A149 have started showing at Shepherd's Port, with Queen's Lake going well. Take ear plugs if you don't like noisy geese, though. If you like bird watching while you're fishing, this is the place.

It was also the lake everyone fancied a crack at when Lynn AA first took on Shepherd's Port a few seasons back.

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It's hard to explain but it's just got something a little different about it, an air of mystery despite its lack of features.

First thing in the morning it's certainly a bizarre place to be as the mists come off the marsh.

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Despite all the rumours – eels as thick as your arm etc – it gained a reputation for the big, black-backed bream that were sometimes caught in the swims by the tin hut.

Shepherd's Lake seems to have made a better start than last season, with bream showing from most areas.

Improvements to some of the banks are in the pipeline.

Two anglers caught flaunting the close season on the Cam might be among the first to find themselves in court as a result of the new Riverwatch set up by local pike anglers and others concerned about reports of illegal fishing.

King's Lynn AA is holding its AGM at the Wm Burt Club on Wednesday, May 9 (8pm).

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