Waveney Valley: Upper river best for quality roach and largest chub

With ice covering almost all of the commercials fishing has been concentrated around the rivers.

The upper river flow has been slow but eventide, as last light nears, has been the best time for quality roach and the largest of chub.

Small baits have done the best with red maggots top of the bill over worms or big bread as most fish have their metabolism well slowed down, often hardly moving when mouthing the bait and that end of the swim strike been paying dividends.

Beccles has been the premium place with those presenting a bait on the light feeder getting the best results. Whilst the big 50 lb bags are missing there have still been plenty of brave souls bearing the brunt of the cold weather, breath coming out in whispy clouds like docile dragons, happy with a stone of skimmers and hybrids.

Cocky ruff have been a nuisance at times but even these have grown to a size giving a hearty pull round to break the boredom. Hopefully the big thaw will bring colour and a boom in bags.

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