Waveney Valley: Two-month window of opportunity opens

Harleston, Wortwell and District Angling Club members have a new option at their six Weybread Pits.

Breaking from tradition, the club will now be open in April and May, providing anglers adhere to certain criteria.

This is solely for a trial period for this year only. The current season will still end on March 31 and the new season will begin on June 1.

Anyone wishing to fish the pits during April/May will need to buy an additional ticket for those two months only.

In order to do so members will need to show their existing membership ticket and they can only purchase an add-on ticket in their current membership category.

A fee of �8 for the basic pits and �4 concessions; for those with + Private Pits extra it is �14 and �7.

Different charges for more than one rod. Weekly day ticket �6 tariff also. No keep nets allowed.

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Day/weekly tickets will be sold for this period in the usual way. Twenty-four hour day tickets will again be available for this two month trial period.

All over the river for the last couple of days there have been fish for everyone, albeit not in huge numbers. Beccles was good enough to give everyone roach up to three ounces on stick, waggler or the pole but the best came when the tide turned to run down briskly.

The feeder could not put together bream bags of any size whilst gudgeon and cocky ruffe of 4-5' hogged on to even quite big baits and the shoals must be pretty substantial of these minifish. The biggest bream came from well down the river at St Nicholas Everitt Park which showed brilliant end of the season form as fish appear to drop down to heavier water.

The back of the Falcon dykes, which have filled up from the rain and held colour, are now showing a few tench to 3lb.

This newer stock is encouraging as the former 6lb tincas appear to have grown old and out of it now.

Best fish right through the season has been the chub and its increasing presence and size indicates the river from Harleston downstream will see this species make the news with some very large isolated specimens indeed.

The specimen fish in percentage terms has been the dace taken at 11 ozs. That is heading well towards creditable big boys and what Shotford and Bungay Town may yet produce could shake the record books in time to come.

Commercials now zoom into the limelight and a word of caution is deserved regarding actually who the angler gives their money to for a day ticket.

At one venue it seems a whole club outing parted with their match fee in a lump from the day's organiser to the wrong person.