Waveney Valley: Roach up for grabs in Beccles

Fantastic fishing continues on the float around the Beccles Road Bridges this week with quality roach responding best to casters.

As the shoal that has given four anglers sitting in a row a smallest bag of roughly 25lbs – and a biggest bag of 50lbs plus, the density of fish continues to increase. Move too far away and the catches tail off a bit. The pole and whip can reach the shoal and bags up best with the tide nearer to full. Hemp and tares begin to come into their own sorting out the 10 ounce beauties. Crammed in amongst the shoal the odd rudd manages to get to the bait as they continue to re-establish themselves throughout the river below Bungay. Now moving up behind these roach and odd skimmers, and laying off the Yacht Station, is a shoal of good bream averaging 3lbs that is hundreds strong showing up on the fish finders. Taken fishing from the Norfolk Bank side and presenting a feeder bait just a couple of metres out into the deep trough at the side the day-hire moored boat of two Yarmouth anglers took an estimated 200lbs on worm in an afternoon and evening session up to dusk.

Further up river at Bungay the Falcon Meadow, still under Cherry Tree AC control, yielded good roach in the Weir pool having congregated upstream here from summer haunts right down to above Wainford Weir. However its best bag came from the top end to club Fishery officer Geoff Kirman. Unaffected by his 74 years to be able to fish the running line, he landed a great 6lbs 2ozs chub, plus four others to 3lbs, then rudd and roach for a thumping 45lbs of mixed species.

Day tickets are available for this stretch from The Outney Caravan Site, Crossways and Tackle shops but the hot swims are often taken early. No day tickets available though for just 50-150 yards upstream of the Ditchingham Iron Bridge on the Fleece AC reach. Here 11 chub between one and two pounds with 35 crackling dace, fit and fat in the hand, reaching 6ozs, gave another great afternoon and late day bag to the running line this time with 4BB stick float. Come dusk over 100 yards of the surface on the deep bends is alive with tiny fish priming. These little fellows appear to be the result of this year's tremendous spawning that could be seen on the Common shallows about a mile upstream. More than likely dace and chublets, these are already the best part of two inches long.

Piking too has been good with those on the rove taking the best sized fish from deeper bends but plenty of jacks at Ellingham and below Shipmeadow in the big bay from off the Norfolk Bank below Geldeston Locks. Geldeston Dyke's free fishing running up to Three Rivers has seen more doubles than most placers with moving baits the most productive.