Waveney Valley: Rainfall leads to a feeding frenzy

A good extra foot of fresh water on some fisheries launched a feeding bonanza as normal levels were not only restored, replacing months of low water, but came up higher than normal in several places.

The River itself ran 18' by Sunday looking to spill over on the marshes. The Bungay Common Pond lapped the grass and the weighty stripeys were the first to gorge on worms just laid on the bottom. Two of 2lbs; six of 1lb and 20 all around the eight ounce mark made a really good outing for Peter Halls from Lowestoft fishing the waggler at 20 yards.

There were rudd caught there and at Bales Nursery Lake any angler would be pleased to catch. Plump and fit, the red fins standing out with their bottom lips rosy red pouting upwards in defiance, many a handsome 10 ounces of fine fighting fish.

Fresh water running in the bottom end at Topcroft pushed the carp up to the far end and towards the end of the day it was savage bites on the feeder with three red maggot as bait in conjunction with a small pellet feeder. More commons than mirrors but all knocking around 7lbs plenty to be pleased about, with Monty Llewellyn taking ten in an afternoon session.

At Broome Pits Keith Brown the popular, ageing, but ever vigilant bailiff, reports a 160lb bag of biggish bream from B Pit by a regular on the feeder, topped off with a double figure carp. Over the weekend five carp came out this pit over 20 lbs with the best scaling 25 lbs.

Camelot Lake on the right of the Earsham to Harleston by-pass near to Homersfield reports not only some weighty carp but a chub of true specimen proportions of over 7lbs and a good bag of roach from the first small wing. With a limited amount of swims it is best to ring first to (01986) 7889208.

Hinderclay Lakes continues with its ever popular William Lake producing all sorts to please from the prow of pegs 10 and 12 whilst the larger Spring Lake has plenty of double figure carp and 7lb tench on the prowl. Plenty of room here for everyone on the firm peaty banks, and you don't even need to take your landing net as they are provided within the day ticket price. (Stewart on 07787 521 851 has bait on suite too.)

Most Read

Fiske's Lake at Henstead is set on the road out of the Ellough Industrial Estate on the left near to the village sign. This medium sized handy little fishery has no long walks and swims with good depths and some skimmers present to make a change. (01502) 477065. No children on their own under 16 rule.

Perhaps the Cider Farm along the Halesworth straight on the left from Bungay is the most reliable of all the carp only fisheries with its two small pools well kept by Jonathon Calls.

A sheltered refuge in times of turbulent weather, even the smallest pool has some double figure carp prowling but most average 2-4 lbs in both pools.