Waveney Valley: Perch are real stars at Quay

The Quay at Beccles has had quite a few visitors in the week – and there were enough fish present to satisfy most, albeit mostly on the small side.

While a few net skimmers have come to the worm well out on the pole, fishing over modest amounts of dark groundbait, it has been perch down the side that have pleased most with their bold bites and coming out often at the pound mark.

Paul Johnson from Lowestoft amassed nearly 20lb of stripeys from an ounce upwards, cupping in small un-chopped worms and fishing just a foot or two from the edge on a day when a bit of colour to the water pertained. Fishing from the Suffolk side near to the big posts, a few Cocky Ruffe invaded his swim too, but no other species really managed to get a look-in.

Fishing near to the walk-over bridge in the narrow piece, John Taylor had two fine tench of around 5lb each, but to accompany them were just a few stumpy chublets and no roach.

On the main river, inconsistency has been the order of the day with next to nothing feeding some days and on others, at points near to the top of the tide, small boom periods of an hour. Feeder fishing in the flow has shown signs that a nice shoal of bream – all big enough at 3lb plus to be outside the somewhat indiscriminate skimmer range – is building up near to the moored holiday homes.

Barsham around the Plots has a good presence of quality roach and pike anglers have been pleased with boat outing results. Hot spot has been above Dunburgh on the first big bend halfway round the marsh and into the main boat turning bay where pike up to 8lb have ravaged a shoal of dace hanging about near to the surface.

Upstream around Bungay as a frost or two got hold and the colour quickly started to drop out it has been back to a few favourite noted winter swims to find the best.

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The change in the last couple of seasons has been that quite a few of these spots now boast a good sized shoal or 2-3oz roach, and if they manage to hang on it bodes well for the future.

Commercials have slowed a little, moving down for a while from the 70-80lb bags, apart from those places infected with a strain of no-brainers who appear to eat anything, anywhere, anytime having no natural food available.

The more sporting venues have still provided 30lbs to refined methods and patience the order of the day with Common Carp in fine condition and sporting bright bronzed bodies weighing around 8 lbs providing excellent sport. Marsh Trail Lakes A and C have some of these beauties as do Topcroft ready to oblige whilst meat baits take a back seat and the surge of the paste and softer pellet comes forward.