Waveney Valley: Marsh Trail Lakes could prove happy hunting ground

Marsh Trail Lakes have been a good bet for some fish, especially near to the gate at pegs five and six.

With the oval-leafed Bistort to the left with its pink fuzzy spears heads poking up, it has made an enticing and rewarding margin to fish to.

The 3-4 feet off the ledge and the sedge down at the next swim has produced a good spot for carp to browse along to in search of food.

A few grains of sweetcorn have been successful with two on the hook obtaining a better stamp of fish. For the approaching school holidays the A Lake will provide the kind of play ground from which life-long anglers are born.

This week attractive crucian carp and plenty of roach to eight inches came into the side to feed. Simple tackle and an eyed hook keep things easy although knots are a stumbling block for many, if one can be tied it saves at least 12p a time. My illustration shows how the knot is made and can be started with a spade and washing line, scaled down to thick string, and further still until proficient in its structure. Easy to learn, you certainly don't need to be Mr Crabtree's apprentice, and there is plenty of time to practice before the free to all children's match on August 11 at their fantastic Earsham Lay-By Pit. Details on web site www.bungaycherrytree.com

More bad news looms again at Billingford (rated 'POOR' on the EA's own scales) on the upper Waveney near to Diss where dissolved Oxygen sampling over the last 10 days have verged on 4 getting near already to the crucial 3 where fish ail and last year's 1.1 and 1.7 when many perished.

The River Waveney Trust have discussed this and produced a plan for three new Riffles there but it appears priorities differ with administrative papers predicted by the Environment Agency to take up to eight months to prepare and be entered into an April 2013 Plan and then also, if agreed, an independent chemical water quality survey will be conducted.

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Meanwhile, the tidal waters continue to offer the very best of sport with the new stands at Worlingham proving popular. Bungay men Colyn Taylor, and Norwyn Parker soon chucked the feeder to one side and run down the bodied crow quill Topper Haskin's style when their pal Ian had the dace began to feed. These struggling silvery-siders up to 7oz, along with roach and skimmers totalled bags of 30lb, but it does need a bit of skill with the presentation to get the best and regular feeding. Up at Beccles the Yacht Station length has produced roach and right by the Bridge John Baker of reputed fame in the film The Norfolk Poacher, and his brother landed 25lb of perch on big worms to 2lb on the float.

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