Waveney Valley: Green plug proves the winning bait

There has been plenty of pike out on the hunt harassing the roach anglers at Beccles and Ellingham.

The spinner has taken a few but a green plug has been the best to date taking eight up to 8lbs from Worlingham walking upstream past the buttresses of the old railway swing bridge to Truckers.

Swims are at a premium here among the tall Norfolk Reed but the few breaks there are make a good rove worthwhile. Most fish are being taken close to the edge as otters force their prey into the sedge for shelter with their morning forays but by afternoon wider casting appears better.

Getting away from the river there is still everything about a Broadland scene for big pike at Fritton Lake. A web link of a 2006/7 fishery survey was carried out using seine netting and electro fishing, producing the following results, a full copy of which is available to view in their Visitor Centre Reception.

'Distribution of Species Percentage of Fish Population = Roach 44pc (50 –320 mm); Bream 44pc (80 –625 mm); Pike 6pc (180 -958 mm)'.

Boats are �5 to hire but a disclaimer has to be signed. To make arrangements for fishing at times when the park is closed, contact Stuart Burgess on 07919 598602, or email stuart@somerleyton.co.uk

The Upper River has been one of fits and starts with 10lbs of roach and dace on a good day from selected swims fishing late in the day, but scratchy for a three or four pounds in the brightness of the day.

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Bonus invaders are the ever popular perch but many have taken their personal best chub from around the Cherry Tree's Bungay Common, day tickets for which are available from tackle shops.

Commercial Fisheries continue with an impressive variety of carp of all species and sizes enthusing those with the inclination for a fight and a bend in their rod on stoutish tackle. Perhaps the golden flanked canny commons maintaining an essence of perfection, prefer the margins at many venues and their growth and durability appears to out-weigh many unfortunately sad and bedraggled deeper bodied greedy mirrors. Certainly Broome Pits has continued to hog the lime-light with some experienced visiting anglers landing thirty-pounders plus.

Recently Bungay Contractor Ian Moore opened another door in B Pit with a bag of brilliant rudd all around the pound mark, alongside good roach. Sweetcorn, whether in single grain presentations and varying flavours, or chains on a hair-rig, have been the venue's in-bait. Marsh Trail Lakes Tench like it too down the side and regularly produces bigger roach on it. Even at Bales Nursery Fishery in Ellingham it is the most successful attractor fished by local regular Rodney Rayner of Ditchingham.

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