Waveney Valley Fishing: Promising signs in Beccles

It has been a period of 'patchy catchy' outings this week on the tidal water with low tides occurring in the afternoons.

Plus they have been really low towards the weekend with barely 12 inches left in Geldeston Dyke near to the old Railway Bridge.

This tended to make fish edgy not just to feed strongly but to stay in one place. Patiently working into double figures even pleasure fishing was a good result at Beccles Quay with small fish the main catch. An amazing amount of fry up to two inches can be seen here alongside some barely an inch long, giving indications that a double spawning took place in the heavily weeded margins up at the Lido in Puddingmoor during late September.

The main river's shoals continued to feed but further out towards midstream although it is anticipated higher tides this week will bring big bags to the fore again with the versatile caster on the hook. Fed with hemp seed, providing it is of good copper/bronze quality, it is still a magic Waveney bait. Dave Poll the seasonally bearded Bungay veteran and brother of renowned Nigel, was the latest to triumph with this bait taking 25lbs of pristine roach from deep in the Town, 'with a running line and a bit of artistry'.

The upstream river has continued to surprise with shoals of four to five inch roach. Typical of this has been the quite wide and well-flowing Blackwater area immediately above the Pink House, with a reasonable depth, at the bottom of Bungay Common.

Spotted breaking the surface in 'dozens' by pikers landing up to eight jacks and the odd double in a day, this Cherry Tree water is available on day and weekly tickets from the nearby Caravan and canoe venue, and local tackle shops. It has been fierce competition for the Bungay hot swims on Falcon Meadow and below the Weir Pool, but the whole length struggles to maintain consistency with some almost barren central areas. The freshly fallen garden tree has provided a current break and good holding point.

Chub elsewhere too, are the major quarry on the Waveney for a surprising and increasing number of people. 6lbs is no longer becoming an exceptional fish from small compressed runs above Earsham and on the Harleston Club waters too with a walk above Mendham Bridge worthy of attention. Sadly no more the fine streamy reach it once was holding giant roach and substantial shoals of dace.

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The Environment Agency's sloth towards maintenance leaves watercress, bearded Burr and Parsley sometimes covering over half of the original width and silted up gravels. However in the narrow cramped runs some good chub do hold out waiting to take big baits presented and a 7lb fish is well on the cards.

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