Waveney Valley: Fishing on the river has continued to supply an average day’s sport around Beccles

Fishing on the river has continued to supply an average day's sport around Beccles on the feeder.

Earsham's Nigel Scarle took some good fish located at Puddingmoor still, and on the slower up-tide some anglers fish closer in on the pole.

The Quay continues to fluctuate, with less bait going in and restrictions on the amount of places now available from increased moorings and a decline in mid-week and weekend match attendances.

Meanwhile, the Cherry Tree AC continue to press on with spending money on silver fish in their Lay-by-Pit, where Natural England prohibit any species of Carp or F1s because of the floodplain. This week in went �5,000 worth of tiny tench and skimmers up to 6oz, provided by Broome Pits boss Tom Harbinson's Fish Breeding provision part of his business.

Commercials have been filling the gap with value for money and a god-saver for those looking for a bit of guaranteed action. It's not just all carp these days either, with Aldeby Hall providing some nice bream.

Broome Pits, as normal, has presented the lion's share of bigger bags with their Central Kidney Pit of the very best, and for those deeper water enthusiasts the B Pit with its islands and worthy enigmatic face, once cracked, has huge roach and bream shoals and specimens present.

Marsh Trail has been pulling anglers in with their species range too and in spite of January being associated with winter silvers, some 5–6lb tench have continued to show from B Lake, albeit not from the margins but further out on worm and sweetcorn cocktail.

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