Waveney Valley: Feeder tactics pay off

The river at Beccles was very fishable, holding a bit of colour.

A steady flow on the tide helped steady a couple of grams float and red maggots were acceptable to the fish.

Everything offered on the pole needed to be slowed down and almost put in the mouth of the fish to be able to connect on the strike to positive pulls. Roach up to five inches were the first to quell their hunger with any enthusiasm but doubtless their more mature relatives will soon be back on song.

Meanwhile, most found the feeder presenting its static bait and trickled morsels into the flow, was more successful. The small, clumpy far bank willows below the main Beccles Road bridge have re-established themselves and trail nicely into the water. Behind them once again some very nice skimmers sought an element of shelter in the broken stream and it may not be long for the shoal of bigger bream that hung for several years there, returns to a favourite haunt.

The temperature of the water in the Quay still left a lot of fish lethargic and there was a fair wait for regular bites.

Upstream around Bungay it's a greener view with the winter wheat breaking through strongly on distant fields and the nearer marshes sparkling with reflections in expansive pools of latent flood-water. The general stream has been strong and turbulent with ardent anglers seeking out off-river spots as almost the only solution, or fishing a fair-sized worm close into the sides on a broken bend.

Commercials have all been a fair option with temperatures creeping up and the ice gone. It was rough at first with three matches held on three different venues not even giving a bite let alone a fish at first.

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Entrants in these were unable to lure even the smallest of rudd or roach from the legions present, and amongst these were some of the valley's finest and fiercest of competition matchmen.

These lads know all about small hooks and fine bottoms attached but as several said 'if they ain't avin' it mate there is just nothing one can do.'

Broome B and Kidney Pits were the first to perk up with nice rudd around the 14-ounce spot showing to take a little up off the bottom, but the decent-sized roach were looking for something laid well on.

Carp of 8lb to 12lb were coming in to patrol close to the bank on the narrow path side of the Kidney Pit with small pieces of bread successful.

However the feeder in the middle has proved alluring to some of the pool's pristine mirror carp, full and fat with a coppery and bronze hue from the even scales.

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