Waveney Valley: Cherry Tree anglers raise cash for Help the Heroes charity

Bungay Cherry Tree AC have expressed their thanks to all those who contributed to their Help the Heroes Project – and a receipt came back this week from the Organisation in return for the �1,000 raised and forwarded.

The Heroes admin department are also utilising as a Fund-raiser the signed Norwich City football shirt the club match secretary Dave Whitham arranged.

Ice on some of the smaller commercials drove anglers seeking a few hours sport on to the open and wilder waters where a bit of wind kept the surface moving.

Broome Pits obliged here with several parts ice-free and fish willing to feed, although the lakes have little colour in them. Whilst the carpers were few and far between the 'anything welcome' brigade caught enough silver fish to keep them happy with some quality roach taking the bait rather indicating that if there are enough fish present in numbers there is almost always going to be some prepared to feed.

The Quay at Beccles remained ice free but low water on the tide at midday kept catches down; hopes are raised with high water due during the day this week.

Taking a chance after continually thinking about it, three Lowestoft anglers had a trip out on to the mighty Yare at Rockland Dyke confluence, and were well rewarded with bream and some hefty roach on the feeder not too far out.

Heavier water appeared to pay off on the Waveney too with fish coming out on the feeder from Worlingham where pikers put a feeder out to break up the wait. Some quality bream came to the bait and a few roach, but the dace fed so strongly they were almost a nuisance at bunches of maggots, sometimes even attacking the feeder on the drop.

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Best pike of three weighed in at 18lb 7oz and the other two were doubles, but hopes for the bigger fish present in this deep strong flowing reach running down to North Cove are still high.

However, it is vitally important to ensure ringing the phone provided at the level crossing gate at both places, coming and going, for clearance, which takes very little time.

Like several other places on the Waveney the dace is really re-establishing itself as a winter filler, and the average dace weighs around two to three ounces with some bigger ones raising hopes even further. At Dunburgh up towards the boathouse and sluice gate they were priming on the surface in several areas and 5lb of these silver struggling beauties came to hand in three hours on the stick float and dimpling well at any casters that were floaters amidst the loose feed.

Hanging at the back of the shoal were hungry pike ready to harass, opening up a good opportunity for the roving piker over this Bungay Cherry Tree AC 400-yard stretch which is available on a day ticket, entry down the public slope. Easier access through the padlocked gate is available only for members.