Waveney Valley: Catch rate steadily rising nicely in Beccles

Off to a good start, the River showed the best sport from its tidal areas.

With a number of anglers making 12-15lb in three or four hours, sport tailed off with the maturity of the tide. The water, with a bit of colour in it, ran up from a low around 7am.

This coming weekend around Beccles should work out at high tide, top turn about that time, which bodes well for bream catches.

Whilst no massive bags are reported as yet, the catch rate is good, with most people finding enough to satisfy them. Red maggots showed an edge, taking some nice weighty perch to the 1lb at St Nicholas Everrit Park at Oulton Broad. Boat anglers on the roam and fishing in Oulton Dyke made 50 b in a day of bream to 2lb, showing that new stock is establishing itself and growing on from year to year.

The Upper River, whilst still holding a bit of colour, was severely lacking in flow with some days, nothing at all coming over Wainford Maltings or Ellingham Mill. Picky fish did respond with painfully sensitive bites in the day but picked up and found some courage as dusk neared.

Certainly at the Cherry Tree's Falcon plenty of dace were shoaled just under the surface to view alongside chublets. It was these two dashing species that made the weights from the new Worlingham stands alongside roach to 3ozs.

Upstream on the Harleston waters those using bold positive approaches to Shotford Bridge meadows found some nice chub shoaled up in groups of six and seven, reaching 4lb. Best reported chub came from the free fishing on Stow Fen below the Earsham weir at 6 lb 10 oz for Wayne Cook from Diss pinning down bread flake on a light link ledger.

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Quiet Sports water at Yaxley Lake is a fun day's fishing for a mixed bag of fish with carp from 1lb to 18lb being taken on all methods, but surface fishing on sunny days has been a certain favourite for the larger fish. Margin fishing with paste proved has turned out to be a good alternative. For more information telephone 01473 327366 or see website www.quietsports.co.uk.

Halesworth Lakes at Wisset offer a variety of fishing, with all three lakes providing something different. The middle lake has given some excellent sport with 8lb to 16lb carp and plenty of roach and rudd for the children fishing up and away from the bottom.

For carp from just a few ounces by the reeds nearest to the car park has been a hot spot for youngsters but this first lake has been really popular amongst the match anglers with 50lb to 90lb nets landed on a regular basis. Remember that these lakes, whilst are not of a great depth, can soon fall away to five feet a few metres out in places.

Fishing the feeder has brought in the best fish catches by perseverance from chains of sweetcorn on a small hair rig. Local angler Dean Green, fishing the far lake, landed a surprise catch amongst the usual carp to 8lb with a fine tench of 6lb 2oz and a roach of 1lb 14oz. For information telephone 01473 327366.