Waveney is turning back clock

The amazing face of the river showed its unpredictable and better side this week on the tidal stretch below Geldeston Locks. Little fished in this wide-meadowed area, the high water with a surface like a mirror and a still calm on the air, some good risers dimpled the surface, adding an edge of anticipation. A few perfect casters catapulted 15 yards and with the float set at less than a metre, the answer soon became apparent. Showing how rapidly the tidal reaches are continuing their improvement a substantial shoal of Rudd from 6ozs, to the best landed at 1lbs 2ozs, were present. Maybe not in the league of the specimens regularly caught by those in dedicated pursuits of levathian monsters but witnessed by passengers on a fully loaded Black Dog Ferry boat, their beauty impressed, and creates an important milestone rekindling catches of now 40 years since they were seen like this on the Waveney. Upstream at Bungay on the Falcon Meadow there has been other similar sized specimens recorded from a smaller shoal.

Better news has begun to emerge regarding Billingford where the Environment Agency have informed the River Waveney Trust Association that they have managed to rustle up �10k for a study to define the ailments and put on line a plan for remedy, if so proved, and with the Landowners' consent. With their Membership now nudging 300 and seeking Charitable Trust Status, this worthy Organisation is still in need of more members to re-inforce the importance of its Consultation and Representation. Until the end of the Year it remains free to join via its web site or pamphlets in most tackle shops, or on the website at www.riverwaveneytrust.org.

At a push write or mail to me as the Waveney River Trust and Bungay Cherry Tree AC secretary at dgladwell22@hotmail.co.uk

Catches on Commercials continue to impress with a trip out to the wilder settings of Hinderclay Lakes, giving a wide choice of swims on small, medium or a large lake and a good range of species. Thankfully most of our local Proprietors appear to respect the wildness of the barbel and its true habitat on streamy waters. Splendid Crucians with golden flanks and weight carp populate the Hinderclay margins but silver fish stocks are good too.

Good weights are coming out of the Aldeby Hall Fishery's new Match Lake on the left as one enters.

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With early trial matches giving results of 60 lbs to win and close backing weights the smaller carp and F1's are a joy to behold for those not favouring elastic like a pair of braces in conjunction with tow rope for the near normal commercial match approach. The other lakes are fishing well too and on the Long Lake a chuck near to the aerators has been the top feeder tip.

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