Watton florist backs Dutch for World Cup glory

Sue and Wil Warmerdam with their Dutch World Cup themed window display at their shop Dutch Flower Pa

Sue and Wil Warmerdam with their Dutch World Cup themed window display at their shop Dutch Flower Parade on Watton High Street. Picture: Matthew Usher. - Credit: Matthew Usher

The red and white have long gone but the orange flags are still flying at a flower shop in Watton.

The owners of the Dutch Flower Parade, on the High Street, decided to show their allegiance to their home nations in the World Cup by decorating the two front windows of their shop in team colours.

Wil Warmerdam, a flower importer from Lisse in Holland, and his English wife Sue, who runs the shop, put up their window displays dedicated to Holland and England at the beginning of the competition.

After England's game against Costa Rica last week they decided to take down the English decorations but are still proudly displaying the Dutch who play the Costa Ricans tonight.

'We put flags and shirts on both sides but unfortunately we felt we really had to take the English ones down,' said Mrs Warmerdam.

'I'm now supporting Holland with the rest of the family, as I was getting a bit of stick for supporting England. My grandson supports Holland so he is really happy that they are still in it, although it was a bit close against Mexico.'

She said there had been a good response to the display from customers and visitors to Watton.

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'It has been really good and I saw a couple taking a photo the other day,' she said. 'I went outside to talk to them and discovered they were Dutch and here on holiday and were so surprised to be walking down Watton High Street to see the orange flags.'

Mr Warmerdam believes his team have what it takes to lift the trophy and is predicting a 3-2 victory in tonight's game.

He said: 'We have a really good team and they are playing together which they have not always done.

'It is going to be tough, the little teams have been playing really well but I have a really good feeling about this team. I want to paint the whole shop orange but my wife hasn't agreed to it. Maybe if we win the World Cup she will let me.'

The couple, who first met through Mrs Warmerdam's florist shop in King's Lynn, opened their shop in Watton together nine years ago.

Mr Warmerdam spends half the week travelling to Holland to buy flowers and then sells them mainly to florists and markets in London as well as in their own shop.

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